Children's day beds

Children’s Daybeds are a wonderful and practical solution for a kid's bedroom. No matter what the age, everyone wants somewhere comfortable to relax during the day alongside a cosy childrens bed for the night. These full size single Daybeds, compatible with a choice of sleepover beds or Underbed Storage Drawers are a great choice for smaller bedrooms or even for turning spaces into a great sleepover spot.


What's So Brilliant About Our Kids' Daybeds

What is a Daybed?

Beautifully simple yet fantastically clever, a Daybed is a bit of a do-it-all superstar in the children’s furniture world. In essence, a Daybed is a standard single bed with three raised sides, similar to the design of a sofa. Much as the name suggests, it’s a comfortable place to kickback during the day, yet is a perfectly formed, full size standard single bed come evening.

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What Age Is Best Suited to a Daybed?

This is really where a Daybed comes into its own, there’s so many possibilities! We would recommend our children’s Daybed can be used by little ones who are ready for a big bed, this can be from the ages of 2 and over. During their younger years, the raised sides of a day bed offer the security of a cot-like feel, and look stylish too.

Moving up the years, a Daybed is a beautiful addition to rooms of children of all ages. Available in six of our signature colour ways, plus the option to customise the colour to a bespoke option, and a choice of timeless designs there’s something to suit everyone! With the option to add a sleepover trundle bed, or underbed storage drawers, these hard working kid’s single beds are perfectly suited to growing children.

But one of our best kept secrets, we think our Daybeds make beautiful guest beds, be it in a spare room or multi-purpose office space!

Kid’s Beds for Small Rooms

With add-ons and options galore, our Daybeds are perfectly suited to smaller spaces. Our Charterhouse Daybeds come with beautifully panelled trundle beds, with the addition of a mattress you have a ready-to-go sleepover bed, or to maximise storage potential simply slide into place a board liner, which will transform the trundle into a large storage drawer.

What Mattress Is Recommended for a Day Bed?

We have a carefully curated selection of single mattresses, all of which are perfectly suited to our Daybeds. When it comes to choosing the best mattress for your little one's bed, choosing something that is both suitable for their age now, and will last them years to come is important!

For younger children or those looking for something at an entry-level price point, we recommend browsing our open-coil mattresses. For those looking for something a little more luxurious, which will be the base for the soundest of snoozes for children and adults alike our pocket-sprung mattresses are the direction we’d point you in. If you’re choosing a Charterhouse Daybed which comes with a trundle or adding on to our Stowford Daybed, don’t forget to shop our specialist Trundle Mattresses too!