Children's Mattresses

Ensure your little one gets a great night's sleep with a quality kids' bed mattress designed for comfort and support. Sleep is vital for growing children as they learn and play. That's why our children's mattresses are made to stand nightly needs for several years to come. Browse our range of mattresses for children's beds, including memory foam, coil and pocket sprung mattresses. All covered by our 5-year guarantee.

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The perfect mattress for your child

Which mattress type is best for kids?

An Aspace children’s bed mattress is not simply a smaller version of an adult mattress. Our kids’ bed mattresses have been specifically designed for the needs of children. It may not feel like it sometimes, but children actually spend a lot of their time in bed. Our children’s mattresses have been produced by our sleep experts to provide the support that growing children need for a great night’s sleep.

Our children's mattresses are produced in the UK and are exclusive to Aspace. Complete control over this process allows us to design mattresses which meet our exacting standards. This ensures you can buy our kids' mattresses with complete confidence.

Selecting a mattress that promotes correct and comfortable spinal alignment, and one that supports healthy sleep habits is especially important for the duration of your pivotal childhood years. Pocket sprung mattresses offer firm support to growing bodies, without compromising on comfort.

Are there any hypoallergenic mattress options for children with allergies?

Every Aspace mattress is available in a choice of multiple mattress coverings.

Our bamboo cover is made from a super soft feel yarn with natural anti-bacterial and deodorisation functions, great for allergy sufferers who suffer seasonally or all year round.

How often should I replace my child's mattress?

With rapid growth spurts (we’re sure those trousers weren’t too short yesterday?!) children's mattresses have a shorter lifespan than what’s recommended for adults. At Aspace, we recommend replacing your child’s mattress every 5 - 7 years to ensure the correct level of support is maintained.

Is there a specific firmness that is best with a kids mattress?

As your little one grows and their height and weight increases, a firmer mattress made up of a greater number of springs continues to offer support throughout the night. The mattress you choose should depend on your child's age at the time of purchase and the years the mattress will see them through (between 5 and 7 years, typically). A first bed for a child aged 3 or 4, our entry level Classic or Deluxe mattresses will offer the correct level of support. For older tweens and teens, we recommend a pocket sprung 1000 or 1400 mattress, which are fantastic quality and come in single, double or even king sizes perfect for a more grown up bedroom.