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Cabin Beds for Kids

Our collection of Cabin Beds for kids solves a range of problems. Small bedroom? No bother. Need extra storage? You got it. Looking for something stylish? Well let us introduce you to our collection of Cabin Beds for children below. A Cabin Bed is a full size, UK standard single bed with bags of potential underneath. Perfect for those who find space at a premium, underneath these slightly raised beds you'll find cupboards and drawers galore.

  1. Southside Cabin Bed - Blue
    10% OFF
    Southside Cabin Bed - Blue
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    Special Price £611.00 Regular Price £679.00
  2. Southside Childs Wooden Cabin Bed, Childs Oak Cabin Bed, Children’s Oak Cabin Bed
    10% OFF
    Southside Cabin Bed - Oak
    In Stock
    Special Price £611.00 Regular Price £679.00
  3. Salcombe Mid Sleeper - Natural Beech
    25% OFF
    Salcombe Mid Sleeper - Natural Beech
    In Stock
    Special Price £524.00 Regular Price £699.00

What's So Brilliant About Our Kids' Cabin Beds

What is a Cabin Bed?

A Cabin Bed is designed to maximise floorspace and offers a whole host of storage options. With a slightly raised bed, a Cabin Bed hosts an array of drawers, cupboards and shelving underneath the bed base to neatly store a wide array of childhood paraphernalia. Without a tricky ladder to traverse, this is a bed best suited to those who don’t want to worry about their little one climbing up and down in the dark if they’re prone to late night adventures. Or for older kids who wouldn't be seen dead with a raised bed, but still struggle with making the most of a smaller bedroom.

What Age Is Best Suited to a Kid’s Cabin Bed?

Due to being slightly raised, we still recommend Cabin Beds are used by children aged 6 and over, who are able to safely get themselves in and out of the bed.

Great news though! We have no upper age limit on any of our beds. All of our single beds are full, UK standard sizes making sourcing bedding a cinch. It also means they’re more than capable of accommodating growing, leggy teens (they always seem to shoot up before you know it!) and can even one day be comfortably resigned to guest bed use in the spare room.

Shopping for a Cabin Bed for Girls or Boys?

Our Cabin Beds for kids are available in a beautiful selection of colours and designs, meaning there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for a Cabin Bed for a girls bedroom, we would suggest checking out our white wooden Cabin Beds. Choose from the Southside or Stowford, the latter more traditional in design with beautiful panelling, or the the Southside with it’s clean curves and high gloss, modern finish which will grow with your little one.

What about us boys, we hear you cry! Well we simply challenge you to take a look and not find something you like. These beds are both super practical and timeless in design, making them a great choice for boys who just seem to grow up far too quickly. They’ll comfortably store trucks and diggers one day, to school books and a laptop the next.

What Mattress Is Recommended for a Cabin Bed?

We have a carefully curated selection of Single Mattresses, all of which are perfectly suited to our Cabin Beds. Our only advice we have to parents of younger children would be to consider the additional height the depth of a mattress will add to the overall height of the bed, and your child’s ability to safely get in and out.All of our mattresses will state the depth measurement.

When it comes to choosing the best mattress for your little ones bed, choosing something that is both suitable for their age now, and will last them years to come is important! For younger children or those looking for something at an entry level price point, we recommend browsing our open coil mattresses. For those looking for something a little more luxurious, our pocket sprung mattresses are the direction we’d point you in.