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Children's Cabin Beds

The Aspace collection of wooden kids' cabin beds deliver on quality, good looks and maximising bedroom space... you're probably thinking they're too good to be true!  But perfect they are, with storage underneath and a high quality, full size bed above, any child will love looking out over their domain.

  1. Stowford Children's Cabin Bed - Silk White
    Stowford Children's Cabin Bed - Silk White
    In Stock
    Special Price £509.00 Regular Price £599.00
  2. Southside Cabin Bed - Yellow
    Southside Cabin Bed - Yellow
  3. Southside Cabin Bed - White
    Southside Cabin Bed - White
    In Stock
    Special Price £551.00 Regular Price £649.00
  4. Salcombe Mid Sleeper - Natural Beech
    Salcombe Mid Sleeper - Natural Beech
    In Stock
    Special Price £487.00 Regular Price £650.00

What's So Brilliant About Our Kids' Cabin Beds

Versatile Cabin Beds

Space-saving and multi-functional, children's cabin beds combine good looks with plenty of room for the chandlery of childhood. Whether you have a youngster or an ever-growing teenager to take care of, your children will love the added height of a cabin bed – while you’ll appreciate the extra space under the bed to store toys, books and clothes.

A Stylish Solution to Storage

Everyone wants a bed that looks great, but kids' cabin beds can offer a bedroom so much more than aesthetics. At Aspace, all of our expertly engineered beds are created in order to give plenty of storage under the bed. In fact, it’s a bit of a one stop solution with cupboards, drawers and shelves built in under the bed. Go with our Southside for bright high gloss finishes or with a more classic colours with our Juicy Fruits collection. Or go for a classic children's cabin bed, you’ll always have somewhere to hide the clutter....

Boys' Cabin Beds and Girls' Cabin Beds for Children of all Ages

A kids' cabin bed gives all the thrills of (an ever so slightly) raised bed without the ladder to scale, making them perfect for both little ones and grown-up tweens and teens alike. Covered by our spectacular seven year guarantee you can rest easy knowing your kids' cabin bed is as safe and sturdy as can be - pretty ship shape, right!

Over 20 Years of Experience Building Cabin Beds for Children

When you buy from Aspace, you’re benefitting from over 20 years’ of bed-building experience. Every single thing that we ship out is manufactured by experts and subject to extensive testing, so you can be sure you’re buying top-quality kids' cabin beds that give your children the sweet dreams they deserve. Wondering which cabin bed is best for your little one? Don’t hesitate to give our expert team a call on 08000 219015.