Kids Double Beds

Our kid's Double Beds are desgined to last from childhood to adulthood. A beautiful investment piece, our Double Beds for girls and boys are available in our five signature colours, or choose a bespoke colour option to suit your style. Timeless in design, these standard UK sized double beds are the perfect choice for parents who want a long lasting bed for their little one, or for teens who are ready to move into their next Aspace 'big(ger)' bed! Compatible with our Underbed Storage Drawers, there's extras to-boot too!

What's So Brilliant About Our Kids' Double Beds

Timeless Double Beds for Kids

If you're looking for something special, then stop your search here! Our collection of Double Beds for kids certainly have the wow factor. Designed to last from childhood to adulthood (like all of our beds, in fact) a Double Bed is a great investment piece whether you're shopping for a young girls or boys bedroom, older teens, or even for a beautiful guest room!

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What Are the Benefits of a Kid’s Double Bed?

If room allows, they're a fantastic choice for a wide variety of reasons. They're future-proof, offering plenty of space for your children to grow into young adults. Beat their fast-changing tastes, it feels like little ones can grow up in the blink of an eye. Investing in a double bed at a younger age can help to avoid changing up their bedroom yet again in their teens, in order to keep up with their evolving style. Plus, there's room for two! Whether it's to accommodate cuddles from Mum or Dad during a spell of illness or to host sleepover guests for your little social butterfly, extra space to sleep is never a bad idea. Finally, they're ready-made guest beds once the younger ones have flown the nest.

What Age Is Best Suited to a Double Bed?

Our Double Beds are safe for children of all ages who have outgrown their cotbed and are ready to move up to their 'big' bed. This can be as early as the age of two. Naturally, they take up more floorspace than single beds and therefore are most popular among slightly older children, who won't miss losing space in their bedroom which could otherwise be used for playing and activities. Of course, there is no upper age limit for our classic Double Beds, meaning they're a great option for guest bedrooms, and for Mums and Dads who love the Aspace look too.

What Mattress Is Recommended for a Kid’s Double Bed?

All of our carefully crafted mattresses are available in a double size, that's both our Open Coil and Pocket Sprung collections. Much like the choice of a double bed, we recommend investing in a children's mattress too. After all, if our little ones are going to be spending up to half of their day in bed, a supportive, comfortable mattress is a must. For a little bit of luxury, we recommend our Luxury Pocket Sprung or Super Luxury Pocket Sprung. Alternatively, our Natural Pocket Sprung is a great choice for the more conscious shopper.