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Children's Sleepover Beds

Sleepover beds make hosting a cinch. We offer a whole range of solutions which offer space saving, multi-purpose and of course comfortable qualities. From our classic Charterhouse Sleepover Beds and Daybeds which come with coordinating hidden trundle beds, to our Futons and Bed in a Bag's which are cost effective, multi-functional fixes to unexpected guests.

  1. Warwick Childs Futon With Mattress
    Warwick Children's Futon With Mattress
    In Stock
    Special Price £284.05 Regular Price £299.00
  2. Children's Futon Mattress - Cream (2'6, mattress only)
    Children's Futon Mattress - Cream (2'6, mattress only)
    In Stock
    Special Price £132.05 Regular Price £139.00
  3. Charterhouse Childs Wooden Day Bed, Childs Grey Day Bed, Childrens Wooden Day Bed, Childrens Grey Day Bed, Kids Wooden Day Bed, Kids Grey Day Bed, With Trundle Bed
    Charterhouse Daybed With Trundle - Dark Grey
    Made To Order

What's So Brilliant About Our Children's Sleepover Beds

Sleepover Beds for Children & Adults

We have a range of sleepover solutions to suit all room sizes, needs and budgets at Aspace. Whether you're looking for something to suit your social butterfly's weekly sleepovers, or an extra bed to be rolled out during Christmas celebrations, all of our offering provides safe, comfortable sleep to both children and adults.

Trundle Beds for Kids

According to the Little Oxford Dictionary, the definition of a trundle is: “n.(-bed) low bed on wheels that may be pushed under another.” It’s the perfect solution for unexpected guests during a sleepover. We offer a range of full sized single beds, our Sleepover Beds, and beautiful Daybeds all with included Trundle Beds. Alternatively we sell add-on trundles separately which fit any single beds from the Aspace collection. When guests arrive you simply pull out the easy to move base, which stores the mattress on at all times, et voila, a solid second bed is revealed suitable for use by children's, teens and grown-ups alike.

Space Saving Sleepover Beds

If floorspace is at a pinch, fear not, we've come up with the perfect sleepover solution for you too. Our Bed in a Bag is one of the most simple yet effective solutions we present to you! Take one fabulously squishy, 2.6ft futon, sleepover mattress, a clever little drawstring bag, and some rolling! When all wrapped up this sleepover solution can be stuffed away in the top of a wardrobe, airing cupboard, or even made a feature of in your little ones bedroom - when led down they make the most comfy of mini 'sofas'. When it's time to bed down for the night simply unroll and rest!

High Sleeper Beds for Sleepovers

Just because your little one has their head in the clouds, shouldn't mean they miss out on all the fun! We offer High Sleeper Beds with a choice of futons or daybeds, both of which provide comfy chill out space during the day, and plenty of room for a guest to catch some Zzz's at night! Already own one of our Mid or High Sleeper Beds which come in a different format? Fear not, we sell our futon beds separately in coordinating colours!