Bringing Festive Christmas Style to a Shared Kids’ Bedroom

As the holiday season approaches, parents across the UK are gearing up to decorate their homes in festive style. However, this can be a challenge for those with children sharing a bedroom. Decorating a bedroom for opposite genders can be tricky, especially regarding Christmas decorations. But fear not, with some creative thinking, you can design a festive space that both kids will enjoy.

Stick to Gender-Neutral Colours

First, it’s important to consider gender-neutral decor options. This can be achieved by choosing colours and themes appealing to both boys and girls. For example, opt for a winter wonderland theme featuring blues, silvers, and whites instead of traditional red and green Christmas decorations. This will create a cosy and inviting atmosphere perfect for the holiday season.

Another option is to incorporate patterns and textures that both boys and girls will love. Use plaid blankets, knitted pillows, and faux fur rugs to create a warm and inviting space. These items are perfect for adding a touch of holiday cheer to the room without being too overtly Christmassy.

Rely on Classic Holiday Themes

Decorate using traditional, non-gendered Christmas symbols and imagery. Snowflakes, Christmas trees, reindeer, robins, and plain winter patterns allow you to set the holiday scene without incorporating Santa, elves or other overly masculine or feminine elements. Mix in classic phrases like “Ho Ho Ho” and imagery like wreaths and holly.

Add Personal Touches

When it comes to ornaments and decorations, choosing items that both children will enjoy is essential. This can be achieved by incorporating meaningful items for both boys and girls. For example, you could include a personalised ornament for each child, featuring their name and a design that reflects their interests. This will make each child feel special and included in the holiday decor.

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Light Up the Room

In addition to ornaments, you can also incorporate festive lighting into the room. String lights are an easy and affordable way to add a touch of holiday magic to the space. Consider draping lights around the headboards or walls to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. This will create a festive glow that both kids will love.

Carefully Select Furniture

When choosing furniture, look for versatile pieces that maximise shared bedroom functionality. Bunk beds save space while giving each child their own defined sleeping area. Add extra toy boxes, bookshelves, and storage bins to accommodate new gifts and belongings. Use decoratively wrapped hinged storage cubes to organise and hide clutter. A gender-neutral desk and chair set allows both students to study. 

Use Coordinating Christmas Bedding

Tie the room together with matching bedding that incorporates subtle holiday themes. Make coordinating sets for each child in their favourite tone. Finish the beds with matching Christmas throw blankets at the foot for extra cosiness.

Personalise with Christmas Books and Movies

Display a collection of classic Christmas books like ‘The Night Before Christmas’ in the bedroom or a reading nook and queue up festive movies to watch together in the cosy shared space.

Designing a shared bedroom for kids that incorporates the festive spirit of Christmas can be achieved through creative and innovative ideas. Rather than relying on gender stereotypes, focusing on classic Christmas themes that suit both boys and girls is best. Allow the children to add personal touches, utilise multifunctional furniture, and coordinate the bedding sets with the holiday theme. 

A shared bedroom requires compromise, but it teaches young ones important lessons about inclusion, teamwork and embracing common interests over differences. Creating new Christmas memories together in a thoughtfully decorated gender-neutral space allows siblings to bond over the holiday season in a room made for the whole family to enjoy. So, focus on the season’s spirit, and let your kids’ bedroom become filled with the unique feeling only the festive holidays can bring.


About the author


Séverine, or Séve for short, is a French national that moved to the UK from 27 years ago! She has 2 “just-about” grown-up children and has been working for the children’s furniture industry for over 20 years!
When someone asks her what she does for a living, she says: “I sell the best bunk bed in the UK”! And she can do it well with such a wealth of experience! She likes nothing more than a beautiful, sturdy piece of children’s furniture that will last a life-time! When she is not busy helping her community and village charities, Séve loves nothing more than to create some French-Anglo dishes for her friends and family! She has even been known to feed over 100 guests at charity event runs!