Rainy Day Activities

It’s a parent’s constant dilemma – how to entertain the kids on a dreary, wet and uninspiring winter’s afternoon. And with the absence of all things Christmassy to get us through the wet season, we know sometimes it seems like an uphill battle – just thank your lucky stars that school is back in action and you don’t have to entertain for weeks on end! To combat the winter blues and prepare you for those ‘I’m bored’ moments (who are we kidding – hours), we have a couple of helpful ideas that may just see you through to the next school morning – or to dinner time at the very least!

If you’ve not got the time to go on a great adventure filled with raincoats and puddles (and let’s be honest, who does!) perhaps the kids would be content in discovering the world from the comfort of their warm, dry bedrooms. Satisfy their thirst for adventure with our World Globe Hat Box Puzzle, the perfect rainy day companion. We know it’s got nothing on the great outdoors, but it may just captivate the minds of young explorers long enough to put dinner in the oven – if you’re lucky!

If it’s one of those rainy Sundays you have on your hands, there’s no better way to fill the hours than a bit of much needed family time. Spend those rare moments together over dinner, watching a film or go old school and crack out the board games – something this good just can’t be a bad idea! Keep it traditional with some classic family games like snakes and ladders and chess, both available in our Games Compendium a blast from the past wooden games box sure to provide hours of rainy day fun.

Take a leaf from our role-play ideas and encourage imaginative play with any number of delightful toys. If you’re keen to keep away from hours of computer games and movie after movie (as a rainy day often entails) a simple, classic wooden toy is the way to go. Observe the detailed progression of story lines as they turn suddenly from a tale of the seven seas to fighting off dragons with cooking utensils and baking cupcakes for a ship-full of marooned pirates – we’ve heard more elaborate stories, trust us! Besides, all a child really needs in a downpour is an imagination and a bit of space to let this run wild, and we’re sure they won’t need any more encouragement than a lovely wooden toy or two.

If all else fails, short of letting them take over the house, just giving your kids that special place to entertain themselves can result in the perfect rainy day – it’s amazing what kids can create from their own little space.